Welcome to KmWiki a collaborative persistent 'conversation' on all matters related to knowledge management.

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We seek to explore, gather links, annotate, debate and dialog around KM - what it is, where to find stuff, and why this an important subject.

This is our second re-incarnation. An earlier attempt 1997 -2005 was halted due to spam. The ultimate aim is to prepare wikipedia entries on key KM concepts, develop topic and concept maps of this exciting domain. About KmWiki - explains more.


What is KM? - exploring definitions and boundaries

KM introduction - a place to start exploring & learning

IM vs. KM - what sets knowledge apart from information?

KM activties concepts and roles - collecting concepts that define the genre

Knowledge ecology - a useful perspective that links practice & people

Knowledge mapping - search for sources, flows and sinks

KM links - a switchyard to useful places on the web

KM education - where to find it

KM in the library - thought experiment: information vs. knowledge approaches

KM strategy - making those key choices

KM Thoughts - passing ideas and scripts

KM tools - links to web sightings

KM tool selection - how to make the decision and what to consider

KM in S2 - knowledge management in the Structured Settlement industry

PKM - personal knowledge management - clearly a skeptic

Social knowledge - why knowledge is constructed, emergent, ephemeral & context dependent

Secondary KM themes

Interesting concepts, activities and categories in KM space

2nd enlightment - thinking of the future

Annotation - affordances for knowledge work

Boundary objects - carry meaning across communities

Communities of practice - CoPs, informal learning, identity and meaning

Concept mapping - knowledge building blocks

Corporate memory - capturing experience and lessons

Creative abrasion - a key knowledge practice

Extreme knowledge - a new paradigm for learning, collaboration and delivery

KM bloggers - list of blogs where KM is the core theme

KM history - capturing the past

Knowledge about knowledge - without an understanding of knowledge we will be talking past each other

Learning2.0 - how networks and personal ecologies influence learning

Library2.0 - how a web2.0 & user centric approach changes LIS

Measuring knowledge - because everyone always asks

OODA cycles - adaptive strategy and fast learning

Pattern promises - why they are important

Podcasting tools - collecting pointers

Power of questions - role of questions in knowledge work

Problem solving - gathering approaches and tools

Social search - I think this will grow to be a key KM development

Tacit knowledge - understanding the role, discovering and mapping it

Visual Thinking - exploring it's role in knowledge work

Wiki - exploring the elusive link between KM and wiki

Personal stuff

Knowledge-at-work - alphabetic index of my KM blog post titles

AOK presentation - Social knowledge - November '05 - Intro

My KM playground - charting where I participate on the net

GreyMatter Inc. - my consulting firm

DCG - pointers to my posts on the Internet

dgrey - about me

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