About this wiki

What is KmWiki?

KmWiki is more than just social writing, easy and intuitive web publishing and the ability to do hypertext. There is the potential to anneal joint meaning, synthesize something greater than the direct combination of individual parts, there is the potential for building a community ethos around direct collaboration at the artifact level. MichaelSchrage says The best shared spaces are an invitation to innovation..the prototype or models are driving our processes and learning.. if you do not have a shared space you are not collaborating, ...it's creating opportunity for others to add value!

That's exactly what this KM Wiki is!!

About wiki

To join & gain access you must apply. Click an 'edit' button and follow the instructions.

Why do I maintain this site?

This is an experiment in collaboration. I'm keen to see if we can generate something more appealing from this open approach than happens in password protected web communities. I'm keen to explore the ethics, dynamics and practices around refactoring & annealing text, ideas, perceptions, claims and personal writings.

  • Will the open space nature here capture and keep valuable contributions?
  • Do you feel a stronger desire to contribute if you have joint access and equal authority?
  • What social protocols will evolve in this medium?
  • Who will make use of this offer and what will they produce?
  • Can and will some brave soul correct my spellings!!

Wiki another view!

Wiki is an open source collaboration tool. In this incarnation, everyone who is granted membership, has full edit access to everything, everyone is a web publisher. You can add, amend, append, anneal, trash, rewrite, edit, correct, reformat, i.e. refactor. Quick introduction: http://ferret.bemidjistate.edu/%7Emorgan/cgi-bin/blogsandwiki.pl?WikiAsCulture

You have the right and you carry the responsibility to participate in this joint shared creation. Please join us.

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