GreyMatter Inc.

Is a SOHO (small office, home office) knowledge management firm registered in the State of Indiana, with a focus on the Structured Settlements industry, knowledge work in small firms, collaborative technologies and virtual global teams.

Who we are:

Established in 1995, we assist firms with knowledge mapping to discover gaps, opportunities and constraints related to the knowledge economy. Our focus is group knowledge creation and innovation, communities of practice help desks, distance learning, knowledge practices and information about the emerging knowledge management market.

We deliver unique services to discover knowledge leverage points in your business, assist with the identification, establishment and support of knowledge communities, guide your groups and teams in working with knowledge sharing, making meaning, forming an ontology and taxonomies, developing distinctions, practicing deep reflection, conducting relationship audits, writing and using pattern languages to capture local expertise.

Our offer:

We practice knowledge ecology, our advice and insights are informed by knowledge ecology practices, which means we have a central people focus, make a clear distinction between knowledge and information, are sensitive to the cultural aspects around knowledge management and practice knowledge sharing.

Our firm has a unique approach to knowledge mapping and has collected an opportunities matrix that allows us to surface and discover knowledge related issues and opportunities at all levels with our clients.

Our values:

We share our knowledge, believe in the importance of social learning and communities, deep dialog, individual identity, creative abrasion, prototyping and advanced knowledge practices]] as the way to speed innovation, network for connections and create new knowledge. We maintain this KmWiki as a public service and a firm belief in virtual collaboration.


822 N. Campbell Ave., Indianapolis IN 46219-4517

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phone (317) 375-8630

Skype = dgrey101

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