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Published lists

ActKM bloggers - wiki page for ActKM bloggers list

AOK - featured bloggers

Blogdigger's - KM list, maintained by Jack Vinson

Bill's list - Bill Ives Portals & KM

Jack's list - Jack Vinson's Knowledge jolt

Luis' list[[|]] - Luis Suarez's elsua - a KM Blog

PlanetKM - aggregate KM blog feeds

Stan's KM bloggers list and Stan's list via Bill and Stan's list via Rusnita Saleh

KnowledgeBoard - blog roll

Uncommon knowledge - Lucas McDonnell

My list of the core KM bloggers
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Anecdote - Shawn Callaham, Andrew Rixon, Mark Schenk

Cognitive edge - Dave Snowden

Column two - James Robertson

Dove Lane - Kaye Vivian

Elsua - Luis Suarez

Far wise in Knowledge Management - Carla Verwijs

Full circle - Nancy White

Knowledge jolt - Jack Vinson

Knowledge Management - A Practitioners View - Vijeesh Papulli

Mathemagenic - Lilia Efimova

McGee's musings - Jim McGee

Portals and KM - Bill Ives

Talking knowledge management - group blog