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4structures.com - S2 portal
Annuity and cash for structured settlements - Amit Laufer
Beyond Structured Settlements - Patrick Hindert - news and commentary
Ringler Radio - S2 podcasts
Robert W. Wood - S2 tax expert
Structured Settlements 4Real: The Real Deal on Structured Settlements and Settlement Planning -news and commentary- John Darer - S2 broker and IT specialist
Structured settlement blog - ??
Structured settlement info - ??
Structured settlements secrets - ?? news feed
The Settlement Channel - Mark Wahlstrom - news and podcasts
The Structured Settlement Guide - Wayne Watson - info blog on ways to sell S2s


Tutorial on Structured Settlements. http://www.mckellar.com/Contribute/Guide/guide.asp?ID=1

Structured Settlements FAQ. http://www.structuredsettlements.org/002.htm

User's Guide to Structured Settlements. http://www.henderson.on.ca/Hendersonhigh/users.htm

Why Structured Settlements? http://www.gefinancialassurance.com/NASApp/ss/publicjsp/jsp/ss_webwhyss.jsp

Compiling a competitive profile: http://www.powerhomebiz.com/vol4/competia.htm


National Structured Settlements Trade Association.
The largest repository of information on the S2 industry. The National Structured Settlements Trade Association advances the use of structured settlements as a means of using periodic payments to resolve personal injury claims, workers compensation, and other types of claims. More than 500 members negotiate and implement structured settlements of cases involving persons with physical injuries.


Allstate Life

American General Life

Aviva Life (formerly CGU Life)

GE Capital Assurance/First Colony Life

Genworth Companies

Hartford Life

John Hancock Life

Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston

Massachusetts Mutual Life

Metropolitan Life

New York Life

Pacific Life Annuity Company


Symetra Life


4structures.com, LLC http://www.4structures.com Provides financial consulting and settlement planning tools and services in conjunction with structured settlements, non qualified assignments, structured installment sales, structured settlement annuity brokerage, structured settlement quotes and the placement of related products as part of innovative applications and periodic payment settlement solutions for the resolution of complex litigation claims in jurisdictions throughout the USA and on select projects outside of the USA. Located in Stamford, CT

The Halpern Group. http://www.halperngroup.com/index.htm Provides plaintiff's counsel with professional negotiation support and settlement consulting services. Founded in 1982. In 1992, the company developed the first United States Treasury Bond Structured Settlement Trust. Located in Springfield, New Jersey.

Henderson Structured Settlements, Inc. http://www.henderson.on.ca/Hendersonhigh/home.htm Structured Settlements organization in Canada that was incorporated in 1981. Has become a recognized S2 leader in Canada. Provides services throughout Canada from an office in Ancaster, Ontario.

Structured Settlements Services. Structured Settlements brokerage firm dedicated to being the most knowledgeable in the industry. Specialize in serving claimants who have suffered a personal physical injury or physical sickness. http://www.structuredsettlements.org/


Directory - http://www.companyseek.com/structuredsettlement.htm

Chase Financial http://www.chasefinancial.org Factoring organization Purchases existing structured settlements by paying a lump-sum payment. Located in Houston, TX.

ClearScape - enters factoring under the Symetra umbrella

FDR Resources. http://structured-settlements.org/ Factoring organization Purchases existing structured settlements by paying a lump-sum payment. Located in Danbury, CT.

Settlement Capital - http://www.settlementcapital.com/

AllState Funding Corp - http://allstatefunding.com/Other-Financing.html


S2KM. Patrick Hindert. http://www.s2km.com/ Company founded by S2 industry expert Patrick Hindert. S2KM is a multiprofessional organization whose mission is to improve performance within the Structured Settlement industry through the application of Knowledge Management.


Legislative Information on the Internet. Library of Congress. http://thomas.loc.gov/

Tax Treatment of Structured Settlements: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Oversight of the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives. March 18, 1999. http://purl.access.gpo.gov/GPO/LPS12664

Structured Settlements Expert Witnesses and Consultants. http://www.expertpages.com/experts/structuredsettlements.htm

Indiana University Ruth Lilly Law Library. http://www.iulaw.indy.indiana.edu/library/library.htm

Columbia University Arthur W. Diamond Law Library. http://www.library.law.columbia.edu/

Harvard University Library. http://lib.harvard.edu/

Key article - Adan Scales, 2002, Against settlement factoring? The market for tort claims has arrived


Goldrein, Iain. Structured Settlements, A Practical Guide. Butterworths, 1997.

Hindert, Daniel W. et al. Structured Settlements and Periodic Payment Judgements/With Supplement. Law Journal Seminars Press, 1986.

Huver, Joseph. Structured Settlements : Alternative Approach to the Settling of Claims. National Underwriter Company, 1992.

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